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RWA Water: Reliable. High-Quality. Abundant. Affordable.

The RWA has been proudly serving southern Connecticut since 1849. Today we’re on a journey to transform from a traditional water utility to a 21st-century environmental services company. From water quality that consistently surpasses all state and federal standards to our proactive water system maintenance and replacement program, and responsible water management to supporting a more sustainable environment through new innovation, technology and service offerings, the RWA has the infrastructure, reliability and affordability necessary to meet your business needs.

Many industries with deep roots in Connecticut rely on our water: advanced manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, machine tools, electronics, food processing and breweries, distilleries and other food and beverage producers.

"Clean, reliable, affordable water is really important and the RWA provides that for us."

Charlie Negaro, CEO, Chabaso Bakery, New Haven, CT

About a Penny per Gallon - A Great Deal!

RWA & Economic Growth

To further water as an asset and driver of economic growth for our region and the state, we offer an economic development rate as an incentive to encourage new* commercial and industrial customers in our service area that are significantly expanding operations. We also assist distressed businesses contemplating closing by assessing the customer at 80 percent of applicable water rates for the first five years of occupancy. Rates are subject to periodic effects of a general rate increase and/or surcharge. If the customer’s period of occupancy is less than five years, we will pro-rate the full rate back to the first date of occupancy. After the initial five-year period, we will assess the customer its full applicable water rates. To qualify for this economic development rate, customers must use at least 500,000 gallons of water a year.

*A new customer is defined as relocating to the RWA’s service area from out of state or from another service area within Connecticut.

We Have the Water You Need!


active reservoirs


storage tanks


million gallons of storage capacity






surface water treatment facilities


miles of network of pipes, pumping stations and storage tanks


pumping facilities


million gallons of water pumped, treated, and delivered to our customers every day


billion gallons served a year


water quality tests every day


fire hydrants

Unbeatable Water Quality

The quality of the water we deliver to our customers is second to none.  Our high-quality water reliably meets or is better than all state and federal drinking water standards.

Robust Fire Protection

Our flow rates reach up to thousands of gallons of water per minute, providing strong fire protection for commercial and industrial sites.

Plentiful Reserves

On average, the RWA produces 43 million gallons of drinking water daily. We are water rich with a reserve of more than 10 million gallons a day above any state requirements for a surplus.

Innovative Products & Services

  • Certified Lab Testing

  • Underground Water, Sewer & Septic Pipe Protection

  • Interior Plumbing Protection & Services

  • Well Services

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Water Science & Environmental Education

  • Recreational Permit Program

Award-Winning Operations

  • Named Utility of the Year by New England Water Works Association

  • Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies Platinum Award for Utility Excellence

  • Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies Sustainable Utility Management Award for our leadership in sustainable resource management and environmental protection

Dedicated to the Region's Success

A strong economy makes for a strong community. That's why we've partnered with the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce to launch a business retention and expansion program. The RWA funds a full-time position with the Chamber, dedicated to supporting our region's entrepreneurs by working with local business leaders and providing solutions and support so they can create new jobs and thrive in our communities. We believe that the Greater New Haven region is a keystone to building a more vibrant, successful and prosperous Connecticut.

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"The RWA has a strong history of managing and valuing water resources, and an abundant water supply. Their abundant source of high-quality water provides a unique opportunity for businesses to capitalize on Connecticut's most affordable natural resource."

Garrett Sheehan, President, Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

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