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At the Regional Water Authority (RWA), our purpose is to make life better for people by delivering water for life. As part of our vision, we aim to strengthen our community and make a positive impact by providing donations and sponsorships for programs in the region we serve.

If you are a charitable organization seeking a donation, please fill out the Charitable Donation Request Form and follow the RWA's Corporate Contribution Guidelines below.


Corporate Contribution Guidelines

The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (Authority) receives many requests from worthy organizations within and outside of the Water District for support. These requests include monetary gifts, in-kind services, obsolete equipment, and participation on governing boards. The missions of these organizations have merit and are worthwhile. In the ideal world, all of them would receive some level of Authority support. However, as a non-profit corporation, the Authority has limited resources for donations and other support. The following guidelines serve as a blueprint for determining which organizations will be selected to receive Authority contributions. The Authority will contribute to governmental and non-governmental not-for-profit organizations which sponsor activities within the Water District that have a relationship to the Authority’s mission: to provide high-quality water and services at a reasonable cost to the residences and businesses in south-central Connecticut and, consistent with that purpose, promoting the preservation of watershed land and aquifers.

The Authority will consider a request from organizations if their activities are specifically involved with one of the categories listed below. Because the Authority has limited resources, the budgeted amount for donations and other support will be determined on an annual basis. The Authority usually refrains from making multiyear commitments.

1. Open Space/Watershed Protection, Healthy Living as it relates to drinking water, and Environmental
Education – The Watershed Fund ( and the Authority seek to protect
water quality throughout the region by awarding grants or in-kind contributions to organizations that
strive to improve awareness, understanding, and stewardship of fresh water, its use as it relates to
healthy living, and related land resources. In addition, the Authority and The Watershed Fund will
support environmental education programs whose focus is on educating individuals to protect our
valuable natural resources.

2. Corporate Citizenship – As a corporate citizen in the communities in which it operates, the Authority
recognizes a responsibility to respond to the needs of these communities by collaborating with other
not-for-profit organizations in the Water District. This collaboration enhances the economic
competitiveness of the region, which is vital to businesses and the quality of life for our constituents.
a) When an Authority employee serves in some capacity for a not-for-profit organization as a function
of their employment at the Authority, the Authority will support the employee in that capacity with
membership fees or other financial support and also deems those corporations eligible to apply for a
grant or the equivalent. The Authority employee will serve as the sponsor for the Corporate
Citizenship application.
b) When an individual, who serves on the Regional Water Authority board, the Representative Policy
Board, or in the Office of Consumer Affairs, serves in a board-level capacity for a non-for-profit
organization, the Authority will support the individual in that capacity with financial support as
funds are available. The Authority will support capital campaigns up to $2,500 per year per
individual or sponsorships of events and annual campaigns up to $1,000 per year per individual. The
individual will serve as the sponsor for the Corporate Citizenship application.

3. Dollars for Doers/Matching Grants – The Authority has more than 250 employees, many of whom
actively volunteer for, or are otherwise involved in, community organizations during their personal time.
The Authority will support, subject to the availability of funds, the community organizations in which
Authority employees are involved in two ways (listed in priority): (1) organizations for which employees
volunteer at least 30 hours per year are eligible for a $200 grant for that organization, and (2) donations
to non-profit institutions will be matched up to $100 per year per employee. The individual commitment
of personal time is encouraged by the Authority because of the professional development benefits to be
gained by the employee and the positive individual relationships that are established which are
reflective of the Authority’s STARS values. Application forms and more information for Dollars for Doers
and matching gifts are on the Intranet or can be obtained from the Communications and Outreach

The Authority will consider donations to other organizations on a case-by-case basis.

The Authority does not and will not intentionally support:
a) Organizations that practice discrimination due to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed or
    national origin;
b) Denominational or sectarian religious organizations; or
c) Telephone solicitations from professional fundraisers.

All applications from organizations requesting grants related to open space/watershed protection, healthy living
and environmental education must be made in writing and include the following:
1. A cover letter on organization stationery that states:
a) Type of request such as monetary gift, or in-kind service,
b) Purpose of the request;
c) How the request bears a relationship to the Authority focus area for contributions;
d) Media plans, if any, and the Authority’s role in the publicity
e) Affirms not-for-profit status; and
f) Name, telephone number, and e-mail address of the contact person

2. A brief history and description of the organization’s purpose and accomplishments. 
3. A project budget if the request is for a monetary gift to support a specific project or program.

Specific guidelines and applications for Corporate Citizenship support (2 a & b) and Dollars for Doers/Matching Gifts (3) support can be obtained from the Communications and Outreach Manager. Applications for all requests must be submitted to the Communications and Outreach Manager, South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority, 90 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT 06511-5966.